Crystal Ballroom is a place where you can learn to dance the exquisite art of ballroom dance styling. We can help you with basic dance instruction in group classes. Improve your skills for social dancing or for competition performance. We will choreograph your wedding dance. Children learn to dance, too!

Music has always been a special part of my life.  When Ballroom Dancing entered my life, its specialness was beyond belief. Now, when I am on the dance floor, I am part of the music in a creative expression.  With our studio, I am able to bring the same happiness to our students, as they begin to dance. So I say:  Dance!  Move into the Beauty of Life.

Hear What Our Students Say:

My husband and I have been learning to dance at Crystal Ballroom for the last 18 months. The teachers are amazing and it is such a positive environment. We started with just 4 private lessons and were totally hooked after the first one. On a cruise recently we danced our feet off. We can Waltz, Tango and Rumba fairly well; we have a pretty passable Cha Cha and Swing, too. We go every week for a private lesson and then do a couple of the group classes each week. The classes are lots of fun and are broken down into simple blocks so they are easy to learn. – Walter

Thank you so much. Our first dance was truly the highlight of the reception. Tim was so comforable with the moves that it allowed for me to trust and follow him even though we were dancing in a new space. You brought a man who had never danced before not even at prom, up to being a man who is much more confident on his feet. This enabled me to burst out with my own flare of personality and just have FUN! We went round and round with spins, laughs, and those oh so provacative promenades! We are very thankful for the joys we shared at the Crystal Ballroom and especially want to thank you and Raul. Thank you for rejoicing with us and supporting us, step by step, on this glorious adventure of two becoming one. May God bless and keep you wherever you may go! – James

I have always loved dancing, and I had the goal of taking ballroom dance lessons for almost a decade. The wait to fulfill that goal was worth it. . .I’m happy that my first experience of learning ballroom dancing occurred at your studio. Since I started taking lessons here, I have visited 2 other dance studios in the area, but yours is my favorite. Thank you for creating the warm and friendly environment. I hope to come back and dance again soon! – Mary

No matter how crazy things get, we love it here. The most fun of all our wedding planning–we should have started our dance lessons sooner. – Brad

We teach children to dance. We offer ballroom dance instruction in both private and group class format. Our children’s group classes are Monday afternoons from 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm, ages 8-12, boys and girls.