Instructions for Your First Dance Class

Be good to yourself—Learn to Dance!

Do you have a dance coming up—a wedding, a cruise, a party?

Do more than Rock Back and Forth.

We have private and class instruction.  A partner is not ncessary.

We have parties for social dancing.

Learning to dance is good for you—good exercise—mind and body—and it is fun.

Dancing warms your heart.

Do a Wonderful Waltz, a Fun Foxtrot or a Tantalizing Tango

Add energy to your dance with a Rumba or Swing.

Call us to schedule your first dance lesson. Ask about our New Student Specials.

Dance!  Move into the Beauty of Life.

If you’re stuck and want to learn specific dance moves you can try, check out this video:

The Crank Dat “Soulja Boy” dance works for music with all different tempos. Other popular songs work perfectly with it. These dance moves are called hip-hop and they’re great for bars, clubs, and the night-life scene.